Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I register for this Directory at?

Click on the tab labeled “Register” and follow the instructions

Where does the H7 Network tab take you to and what’s the purpose of it?

That tab takes you back to The calendar of events are not located on the Directory site so you’ll find more information about programming and events/meetings back at

What’s on the “About Us” page?

That page contains the leadership of H7 Network. You can reach out to any one of the team and get answers. They can be a fantastic resource to you.

How do I login to edit my profile?

Click on the “Log in” tab. Once you are in there you can add your username and password to begin. Once you are in there, you can add your profile pic and your header. In order to add your LinkedIn profile and more, click on the “spoke”. Once the rest of your profile opens up to be revisable, you can go to work. Remember your profile is indexed in Google so add all that you can to it.

What’s the Fees Tab?

If you are not a paid member of H7 Network or any of it’s programs, you can sign up there. You can’t be in the directory without being a paid member of at least one of the programs.

What is Quick Search?

If you’re looking for a particular member, you can search by first or last name only.

Where do I find Members in the Directory?

Click on the tab labeled “Members” and there is a search bar below the header

Is that the only the way to find members?

No, hover your browser over the “Members” tab and click on “Directory Spreadsheet”. There you will find a spreadsheet of members alphabetized by company name.

“I don’t see my industry”

If you don’t see your industry, simply send an email to and we can add it for you.

What does Beta mean?

Beta means that we are testing something new. Help us out by participating in the Beta

My information in the Directory Spreadsheet is wrong. How do I fix that?

We are not perfect and errors will occur. It’s not personal, it’s just an accident. Send an email to and we will work as fast as we can to remedy the issue.

What’s so special about this Directory?

It’s searchable and it’s not a social site. The searchable will enhance your membership by enabling others in the vast network that is H7, to find you. It’s not social so that means that Bankers, Financial Advisors, and more shouldn’t have to worry about whether they are in compliance on a social site. It isn’t a social site.